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How to access the Spirent TestCenter Detailed Stream Results when testing with TCL API?



1.       Subscribe the results at the beginning of the script
set hResultDataSet [stc::subscribe -Parent $hProject \
      -configType StreamBlock \
      -resultType RxStreamSummaryResults \
      -filenameprefix RxStreamSummaryResults \
      -viewAttributeList [list FrameCount FrameRate DroppedFrameCount MinLatency MaxLatency AvgLatency BitRate ]]
a.       resultType RxStreamSummaryResults which is same as Detailed stream results
b.      viewAttributeList – You can add all the available attributes to the list. Please Spirent TestCenter object reference for more attributes
2.       Access the results while the test is running or after the test completion
Example after Test
foreach hResults [stc::get $hResultDataSet -ResultHandleList] {
 # Place the results into an array for easy access. 
    array set aResults [stc::get $hResults]       
# Use the -Comp32 (32 bit filter used to identify the string identifier). Same number as String            #Id. in Preview information. 
   puts "$hResults\tStream Id: $aResults(-Comp32)\tFrameCount $aResults(-FrameCount)\tMin: $aResults(-MinLatency)\tMax: $aResults(-MaxLatency)\tAvg: $aResults(-AvgLatency)"

Product : Spirent TestCenter,L2-3,API