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Abacus: I am using Abacus to send calls to an external device, and I got an unexpected disconnect error. What can I do on this?


When Abacus is originating a call to an external device, it will monitor the progress of the call.  If a call is released before the configured call duration, Abacus will declare an unexpected disconnect error.  users should check the followings:-

1. If the terminating side is disconnecting the call, reprogram the call length on the terminating side so that it will be slightly longer the originating side.

2. If (1) can not be done, create a new action "Wait for Disconnect" and put it at the end of your script.  This action will do nothing but wait for the disconnect signal.  Note that this is only valid for signaling protocol that support the transmission of reliable disconnect signal.

3. User may ignore the unexpected disconnect by disabling Thresholds & Errors --> Call Generation --> unexpected disconnect event.

Product : Abacus