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After upgrading Radio Access to the latest version my system claims that the passwords are expired


To install a new release of control software, Spirent systems require that the Annual Support Agreement (ASA) entitlement expires after the release date of the software. If your ASA has expired then new releases can be installed but will not run until you either renew your ASA or unsitall the software and reinstall a version that was released before your expiration date. For example if your ASA Expired in June 2012 then the latest release of Radio Access that will work is 4.4.0.



If you wish to take advantage of all the bug fixes and enhancements of the latests realease please contact you local Sales representative.

If you feel that your ASA has been renewed then please contact with the system dongle number (from Help>About) and we will investigate.

Product : Radio Access,LTE,UMTS,LTE Test System