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How do I install SimPLEX v3-xx and SimPLEX v2-xx on the same PC, as by default one install will overwrite the other?


SimPLEX releases upto v2-10 were provided for use with the STR4500 simulator. With the launch of the GSS6700 a special build of SimPLEX, v3-xx series, was provided to enable customers who already owned an STR4500 to still run their SimPLEX scenarios with the GSS6700 simulator.

However, if a customer wishes to install both SimPLEX v2.xx and v3.xx on the same PC they must do the following:-

  1. Install the v2-xx series of SimPLEX that they have
  2. Rename the SimPLEX.exe, found in the SimPLEX directory = “C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\SimPLEX”, to something like "SimPLEX_v2-xx.exe"
  3. Install the v3-xx series of SimPLEX
  4. In the SimPLEX directory there will now be a "SimPLEX.exe" (the v3-xx copy) and a "SimPLEX_v2-xx.exe" (the v2-xx copy that was renamed in step 2).
  5. By default desktop shortcuts will point to "SimPLEX.exe". The user may choose to create additional shortcuts to point to the "SimPLEX_v2-xx.exe" or change the default shortcut target.

Please note that you cannot use SimPLEX v2-xx with a GSS6700 and you cannot use SimPLEX v3-xx with an STR4500.

Product : SimPLEX