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How can Spirent Studio help me test VOIP products or services?


Our VoIP solution is fairly broad, and we may have even more:

Protocol Fuzzing

  • H.248
  • H.323
  • MGCP
  • SIP (over UDP, TCP, TCP+SSLv2, TCP+SSLv3, TCP+TLS and SCTP)
    • All transports over IPv4 or IPv6, for a total of 12 “transport stacks”

Denial of Service

  • Predefined VoIP DoS patterns
    • MGCP Notification Request
    • SIP INVITE flood
    • SIP REGISTER flood

Scenarios, Scenario Mutations, Verify, Scale

  • Auto-markup for SIP
  • Able to test any unencrypted VoIP protocol

Product : SIP,RTP,MGCP,Scale,Verify,Fuzz,DoS,Protocols,Studio Security,Studio Performance