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How do I find the version / capability of PosApp (SimGEN / SimREPLAYplus / SimREPLAY) that I'm using?


To understand the basic principles of PosApp, read article FAQ12410

With PosApp running go to menu [Help-->About]. You will then see a window like Figure 1

The window provides:-

  • The 'mode' of PosApp that the installed software licence permits, i.e. "SimGEN" or "SimREPLAYplus" or "SimREPLAY"
  • The version of PosApp that is currently installed, e.g. v4-02-00    (see NOTE 1 & 2)
  • The equipment (master GNSS simulator or host PC lock code) which the licence is authenticated and locked to
  • The licence expiry date
  • All other software features that the installed software licence permits, e.g. QZSS L1, SimINERTIAL, TestDrive-GNSS, etc.

This information is often requested by Spirent Global Services team and it is therefore of great advantage if the information is supplied by default with any technical enquiry that is sent to Spirent (use a screenshot rather than having to copy the information into an email).



  1. Before v4-00 the PosApp version clearly indicated the precise software service release (SR) to which it was related, e.g. the window would show v3-00 SR03 and this related directly to install CD (or web download package) v3-00 SR03
  2. From v4-00 onwards the software version numbering displayed via this menu changed. Rather than a single version number there are two - one related to the "GUI" and one related to the "Engine".
        - The format  is vXX-YY-ZZ, where XX-YY is the PosApp release which they are associated to and ZZ is the build variant of each component within that release cycle.
        - Typically the full version number will be the same for both components and this will relate directly to the install CD (or web download package) that provided them, e.g. v4-02-00 is provided by install CD v4-02.
        - However, if a later SR of a particular version of PosApp is made available it may be the case that the GUI and Engine version numbers deviate, e.g. CD v4-02 SR01 provides engine v4-02-01 and GUI v4-02-00.
        - The combination of GUI and Engine version numbers allows Spirent to cross-check and confirm that a particular install of PosApp is operating with the correct components.
        - For more information about what the GUI and Engine are, see article FAQ12157

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,PosApp