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When running STCv VMware how do you set the ports to Promiscuous mode


How to enable promiscuous Mode on VMware


  1. Power off all ports that need to have promiscuous mode enabled.
  2. Open the vSphere client GUI and select the ip address of the virtual controller.
  3. On the top toolbar inside the local host window select configuration
  4. Left side of GUI select Networking under hardware.
  5. Find the Virtual Switch you want to modify
  6. Select properties and edit the vSwitch.
  7. inside the edit window select "Security"
  8. Here set promiscuous Mode to "Accept"
  9. Power on your port, this operation is now complete.

Note: Setting the vSwitch to promiscuous mode to support multiple devices per port using the standard vSwtich has significant negative effects on system performance and should be avoided if possible.

If a Nexus 1000v vSwitch is used in conjunction with vSphere, neither setting the vSwitch to promiscuous mode or using the “Use Source MAC address from Physical Interface” feature in the STC GUI is required.  Multiple devices with random MAC Addresses is supported in this configuration without performance impacts.  The Nexus 1000v vSwitch is a learning switch, and behaves like any standard hardware based switch.



Product : STC Virtual