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How to configure random pattern with seed option in load specification to generate different random load in Avalanche.


Random pattern is useful for tests that wish to simulate erratic traffic. For example, traffic from a faulty router which occasionally routes traffic one way and then fails and routes it another.
The value of the random pattern is chosen at runtime, and the last repetition of the random pattern is always the same value as when the pattern started (the load height ends at the same height it began).
The random pattern is affected by the Random Seed, If a single repetition was selected, the load graph on the Run Load tab will not display a random value.
To configure a random pattern, customer can add a normal load (or not), and need add a random phase with multi repetitions, for example as below snapshot.

If the Random Seed checkbox is enabled on the Load tab, the value of the field is used to define the heights in the random phases of the test. If the checkbox is disabled or the value 0 is used, the seed will be determined by the time the test is executed.

When you are willing more than one random load, then "Random seed" should be enabled with different value for each load specifications. For example, if you need 2 different random load for http and https, you will need enable random seed and give different value to http load(10) and https load(20); if the seed value is the same then you get the same random load.

Product : Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche