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Landslide: How do I configure "Extra Phys" and "Outbound traffic port" in the test case on Landslide?

  • Extra Phys is necessary when using port reservation and you want to be able to receive or route traffic over a port that is not already specified in the test case configuration. If you include the port in Extra Phys, packets will be received on that port or routed out of that port using next hops, static routes, default routing or outbound traffic ports.
  • Next Hop IP address, Static Routes and Default Routing (where packet destination addresses are in same subnet as one of the provisioned / reserved ports) are recommend. It is not recommended to set both next hop and outbound traffic port at the same time.
  • Outbound Traffic Port will be used to override the default routing (i.e. if a packet was destined for 10.202.x.x and your Eth2 was 10.202.y.y, you could override the packet going out of Eth2 by selecting Eth3 in the Outbound Traffic Port)


Product : Landslide,Routing,Landslide Client,Landslide