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How do I update our Agilent ESG to support the new S Blocker tests for TASKIT C2k and Testdrive EVDO?


These tests requires that  ESG number 1 (should be the bottom of the two ESG located in the rack) have the appropriate waveforms copied onto its harddrive.  The following will show how this is done.

Go to the bottom ESG number 1, and make sure an Ethernet cable is connected to the back of the unit:

From the bottom ESG (These instructions apply to the Agilent E4438C.  Please refer to the appropriate manual when configuring a different model):

1. Click on the "Local" button.  Bottom left side.

2. Click on the "Utility" button.  Upper right side.

3. On the GUI, click on "GPIB/RS-232 LAN" button. Second from the top.

4. On the GUI, Click on "LAN Setup", then click on "IP Address".

5. Set the IP Address to "".

6. Click on the "Enter" button.

7. Click on the "Subnet Mask" button.

8. Set the subnet mask to ""

9. Click on the "enter" button.

10. Click on "Procedure with reconfiguration".

From the PC:

1. Make sure you can talk to the ESG through the Ethernet by going to the command prompt. (Go to the "Start" ICON, lower left on the PC, and type "cmd").

2. Click "ok", "C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe" window will come up.

3. Type ping 

4. Open a Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\Taskit\C2K\Utilities\ESG Waveforms 

5. Then open another Windows Explorer and go to and goto the "BBG1\WAVEFORM" folder on the ESG.  This could be "USER\Waveform" folder on other ESG versions.

6. Then copy all the files from C:\Program Files\Taskit\C2K\Utilities\ESG Waveforms (on the controller PC) to the "BBG1\WAVEFORM" or "USER\WAVEFORM" folder on the ESG.

Note:  Please check the Agilent user manual to confirm download procedures.

Product : Testdrive EVDO,TASKIT C2k