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What information should I gather from VR5 channel emulator when abnormal situation happens in order to get quick diagnosis response from Spirent's Support?


It is highly desirable to have the following information/logs available when you report a VR5 related problem.

  • Instrument S/N.
  • Detailed description of  the symptom of the problem.
  • Screen capture of the GUI while issue is showing up.
  • Current system setup/configuration. You may save the current configuration into *.hde file if situation allows. Otherwise locate the most relevant configuration file used here.
  • Detailed description on steps of reproducing the issue.  
  • All or most recent logs at "D:\ftproot\Spirent\VR5\logs\" directory from Embedded PC of the instrument.    

This helps Spirent's support team to quickly identify the root cause of the issue and get back to you at your earliest convenience.  

Product : VR5,VR5