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What is the GSS6300 and the GSS6300M?


The GSS6300 Multi-GNSS Generator is designed specifically for production test applications. Features such as the GPIB interface for ATE integration, rack mount chassis and in-rack annual calibration are provided as standard and facilitate use of the GSS6300 in the volume manufacturing test environment. The GSS6300 Multi-GNSS Generator is recommended for manufacturing test applications where a single channel is required for controlled GNSS testing. The GSS6300 enables testing to ensure correct assembly procedure and verification of expected performance parameters, including:
- C / No Calibration
- Doppler Estimation
- Sensitivity Testing
- GNSS Isolation
- Go / No Go Product Testing

The GSS6300 can be upgraded in the field (by the customer entering a new a feature key) to the GSS6300M (Multi-channel). This upgrade allows each supported GNSS (GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO) to output 8 channels instead of just 1 and thus allowing the device under test to obtain a PVT solution.

Both the GSS6300 and the GSS6300M run the SimCHAN s/w or can be remote controlled via a number of different interfaces.

Product : SimCHAN,GSS6300