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What is the GSS6400 RPS?


The GSS6400 RPS is a GNSS Record and Playback System. It  digitizes and stores the GNSS L1 RF signals (+any interference and multi-path) that are received on its antenna in a field environment. These recordings are then made available for subsequent playback (in the laboratory or production line), faithfully reproducing propagation effects that were observed in the field.

Several different versions are available supporting:

GPS only
GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS

The GSS6400 requires no additional controller and is fully operational from its front panel menu options. For file management options, e.g. copying files for transfer to another unit for replay, it is possible to connect to the unit via a web-browser or you can control it directly via the LINUX OS.

Users who also own one of Spirent's GNSS simulators should note that the GSS6400 recordings are not compatible with our PosApp software; nor are PosApp scenarios compatible with the GSS6400.



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