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How to pull Spirent TestCenter RFC stats from the database files using a script?


The following commands can be used to pull the results from the DB files.


1.       QueryResult

Example -

set Path SavedResult/StreamResults/DetailedStreamResults/BasicCounters

array set QryData [stc::perform QueryResult -DatabaseConnectionString gmrp_testresults.db\

            -ResultPath $Path\

            -AttributeList [list TxCount(Frames) RxCount(Frames)]]


2.       DbGet

Example ->

array set hResults [stc::perform DbGet -DatabaseConnectionString 2544-Tput-Summary_2011-02-04_14-10-17.db\

          -AttributeList [list RxFrameCount TxFrameCount TxFrameRate FrameRate] \

          -Table Rfc2544ThroughputPerFrameSizeResult]  

# Display results.

puts "\n Display Results Method"


  puts "RFC Results"

  foreach data [split $ hResults(-Output) \n] {

    puts \t$data



Note:  The  name  of  the “Table” attribute should be known.  You can get the Table names using the User query in the RR or Template Editor


Product : Benchmarking,Spirent TestCenter