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Abacus: My SUT is an analog device using only Wink Start. How do I configure the system to test it?


You need an analog call generator like ECG3, or A100 to do the job.  There is no default protocol supporting this "Wink Start" protocol. Assuming the Wink Start Signal is effected by a line reversal on/off signal, users may create an analog protocol on the originating side of the analog line.  Following is an example:

1.      Idle --> (CONNECT) --> Seize

2.      Seize --> (Detection of Battery Reversal) -->SeizeAck

3.      SeizeAck --> (Normal Line Feeding) --> Answer

4.      Answer --> (DISCONNECT) --> Idle

 User should also create a script action with the followings:-

a. Wait for time (the actual duration should be compatible with the SUT timing)  [Note: here it is assumed there is no dial tone returned by the SUT.  There is common for Wink-Start Trunk.]

b. Send DTMF digits (for the terminating side.

Due to the system behavior of Abacus and the SUT, users may need to make some try and error in the settings.

Product : Abacus,Voice,Analog,6.20,6.11 and below