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Why is there only a small number of enabled test cases in Spirent TestCenter Conformance (CTS)?



Possible reasons:

  1. Before 5.20 Release:
    • This is probably due to the chassis only having a demo license for CTS.
    • Before 5.20 release, demo licenses will only enable a subset of test cases for demo purposes and Customer evaluations.
    • Those subset of test cases should be enough to allow Customers to determine if they would like to purchase the product in which case a permanent license would have to be issued after the purchase is made.
  2. If running 5.20 or 5.21 refer to the following KB: KNI16557 - Spirent TestCenter Conformance - CTS 5.20 some test cases can not be enabled, they keep grayed out
  3. If running 5.22 release or higher, your license could be missing the feature or testsuite entitlement you are trying to run, contact to get further assitance.


Product : CTS