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What is the Latency Calibration in Spirent Testcenter?


Today’s low latency (few µs) switches require greater granular control when measuring latency.Latency of the test ports, transceivers and cables need to be calibrated and zeroed out of the equation so that the Latency of the Device under test can be accurately measured.From STC version 3.60, with the Latency Calibration feature the latency of the test ports, transceivers and cables can be determined and removed from the Latency measurements by setting user-defined Tx and Rx offsets.

The Latency of the switch can be measured with an accuracy of ±10ns (± 2.5ns for 40/100G module).

To enable Latency Calibration on a port, select the “Enable per-port latency compensation adjustments” checkbox in the Settings->PHY Options tab . Then Latency Compensation mode and offsets can now be edited on the Port->Advanced tab.

Product : Test Modules,Spirent TestCenter