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How to calibrate any transceiver latency using Spirent Testcenter?


1.Cross-connect 2 X Spirent Testcenter ports using (Unsupported or Unknown) Transceivers (T1 and T2) and fixed length (1 meter) fiber cable.

2.Measure the Cross-Connect Latency(CCL)= Average Latency with Latency Compensation removed, Tx and Rx offset is 0ns. About how to measure CCL, please refer FAQ12947.

3.Estimate Port1’s internal Latency(PL) by measuring Average Latency in Diagnostic Loopback mode. This is an approximation of the Spirent Port’s internal Latency(PL).

4.Measure Cable Latency (CL). For 1 meter cable =~5ns. Propagation delay is ~5ns per meter of cable.

5.DUT Transceiver Latency (TL)= CCL – (PL + CL).

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Spirent TestCenter