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Why do I not get results when I use av::get system1.runningtestinfo -testResultsDir in Avalanche automation?



What you are seeing is expected behavior when the test is not running. During the test run this gets changed from the old value to the new but it still not ideal as it is hard to determine the exact point at which the change is made.
It is recommended that rather than using av::get system1.runningtestinfo -testResultsDir, that you use something similar to the following:
set test2 [ av::get project1 -tests]                             (test2 refers to a variable name - you can set this to whatever you want)
av::get $test2 "-testResultsDir"
Before start of the test, this will point to the last test directory but once the test starts this will point to the current result directory.   





Product : Avalanche,Automation