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Spirent TestCenter: How do I configure BGP 4 Byte AS number?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • BGP


  • BGP 4 Byte ASN in Test Center can be configured by either selecting  4 bytes ASN support and/or the DUT to have 4 Byte ASN support.
  • Configure it by enabling the check box under the BGP tab for the emulated device(as shown above). Enabling the BGP emulated device to have 4 byte ASN capability automatically makes the 2 byte ASN read as 23456.
  • All AS numbers between 0-65535 are represented as a decimal number, both in CLI as well as in show commands.
  • ASDOT format for the BGP 4 byte ASN can convert ASN 4 byte ASN to asplain by:
    • Example:  AS numbers larger than 65535 is represented using ASDOT notation as
      • <higher2bytes in decimal>.<lower2bytes in decimal>
      •  AS 65546 is represented as "1.10"
      • ["1" * 65536] + "10" = 65546
  • Updated....
    • Since at least in 4.49 it appears asplain can be directly entered into the 4 byte AS number field. BGP session comes up with this setting.

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