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How to capture the duplicate frame in Spirent TestCenter when there are lots of other frames?


Please find the following procedure to identify which specific frames have sequence errors.

Step 1 – Tools

You will need Spirent TestCenter ports, Spirent TestCenter GUI configured
Spirent Wireshark (on Support site)

Step 2 – Configure traffic

Generate a traffic pattern that detects a sequence error. Please note that features unique to Spirent TestCenter will be more likely to find sequencing errors such as RFC-4818 MAC Randomization and Dynamically changing the Device Count while traffic is loading.

Step 3- Configure RX ports

a) Setup a Dynamic View on RX ports to show fields of interest of the packet and SEQUENCE ERROR >0. This is for your run-time stats
b) Configure the Capture Filter to the following. Set the StreamID to the correct ID (Not required, but will help you narrow the search)
d) Enable Real-Time Capture, Apply, then START capture
f) This will now capture and show packets of a specific stream only when sequence errors occur.


Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA