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How to add “File Transfer” session profile (custom plugin) in iTest


We can add “File Transfer” session profile in iTest to transfer files between the client and a server.

 Similar to all iTest session types, the file transfer session can be started from a session profile, a testbed, or opened directly from a test case.

 Note: This plugin is not officially supported.


This plugin can be installed directly into iTest using the "Software Updates" functionality. The information following provides detailed step-by-step instructions for using this functionality.

Please follow below steps to achieve this:

  1. Close iTest application.

  2. Extract the attached "" Zip file (This zip file contains "plugins" and "Features" folders)

  3. Copy all files in "plugins" folder to "C:Program Files<Spirent Communications/fanfare>iTest 4.xplugins" folder (plugins.png)

  4. Copy all files in "Features" folder to " C:Program Files <Spirent Communications/fanfare> iTest 4.xfeatures" folder (Features.png)

  5. Open iTest as Administrator (Run as administrator).

  6. "File transfer" session profile will added into session profiles list (FileTransferSessionType.png)

 Attached FTP plugin and screenshot(s).




Product : iTest Enterprise