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Topologies created in iTest 4.2.0 or lower versions can throw an error “Endpoint already used” with iTest 4.2.1 if port mapping not done correctly.


If we create a topology (TBML) with iTest 4.2.0 or lower versions without mapping the ports correctly, e.g., we have three devices and we connected all the devices at Port1. With iTest 4.2.0 or lower versions we can use this Topology without any problem. However, when we use the same Topology with iTest 4.2.1, it will throw an error Endpoint already used as we can’t use one port to connect to two devices.

Created a Topology (TBML) with iTest 4.2.0 or lower versions as below:


Copied the same Topology to iTest 4.2.1 and got error “Endpoint already used” as shown below:


To overcome this error we have to make sure that the ports are mapped correctly as shown in the below screenshot:


As we can’t use one Ethernet port to connect with two different devices using two different links, so this TBML validation has been improved in iTest 4.2.1 compared to earlier versions of iTest.


Product : iTest Enterprise