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How to display a list of drops for streams associated with a specific destination IP address in Spirent TestCenter?



  • Create a condition on the “Interesting Streams View” where “DroppedFrameCount > 0”
    • This will show on the result view the total number of found streams matching that criteria, the results displayed will show a subset of them (without a filter on the analyzer you will not see the destination IP)
    • Create an analyzer filter and view the IP associated with it
  • Create a DRV view with the addition of the configured destination IP and a the same condition that was used in the “Interesting Streams View”, then sort it descending order (find the worst offenders)
    • Using the analyzer filter has a limitation in Dynamic Results View (DRV) that it can not combine the two 16 bit filters into one 32 bit display for the IP it is recommended to use the configured destination IP address


Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA