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Spirent TestCenter: What is the difference between the 4 Prefix LSP Label Binding modes “TX & RX”, “RX only”, “TX only” and “None” ?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • MPLS LDP
  • This is for scalability on TestCenter -  by default TestCenter will learn every label sent from the DUT and that will use up a lot of memory. TX and RX modes can specify to just keep the Received labels or Transmit labels. If sending traffic from the FECs you will need to keep it enabled. Changing from default to none and view the “ View Bindings” under the router will show the differences.
  • From the Spirent TestCenter 3.30 Routing and MPLS Solutions PPT here is more information:
    • Today’s Multi-protocol test topologies demand high protocol performance from a test tool – Spirent TestCenter steps up to the challenge offering several new multi-protocol scale modes for these tests:
      • Disable MPLS Transmit/Receive binding
      • Ignore incoming OSPF ACK messages
      • OSPF Update Throttling
      • Tunable OSPF Sequential Startup
      • Disable OSPF Guaranteed delivery
      • OSPF State Machine Maximum Load option
      • Ignore incoming BGP Update messages
    • New flexibility to using only one router for traffic binding in large-scale MPLS tests with several modes of binding available.
      • There are two new options for LDP Scale testing:
        • For LDP direct mode sessions – Prefix LSP Traffic Binding Mode
        • For LDP targeted mode sessions - Enable VC LSP Binding Mode
        • For RSVP-TE - Label Binding Mode provides the same modes for RSVP-TE label binding
        • Each mode has four options:
          • TX and RX - both TX and RX labels are stored and used for binding
          • TX only - the label STC transmitted to DUT is stored, but the label received from DUT is ignored and there is no dynamic binding for these streams
          • RX only the label received from DUT is stored and used for binding, and the label STC transmitted to DUT is not stored or used for binding
          • None – disabled all dynamic binding

Product : Routing,Spirent TestCenter,MPLS