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How to create and update a Physical topology in iTest Lab Optimizer (iLO) 1.1?


In iLO 1.1 and iTest 4.2.1, we cannot create physical topology.  iLO instance contains only one physical topology, so we can just edit it (on fresh installation it's empty). Below is the scenario to edit/updating the “Physical Topology file”.

 1.      Connect to iLO server from iTest preferences->iTest Lab Optimizer by providing the server details as shown in below screenshot.


 2.       Open “Topologies view” to view the iLO connectivity and Physical topology.

3.       Double click on Physical topology file from Topologies view and add the resources and links from Palette->iTest Lab Optimizer.

4.       After adding the resources, save the file, right click on topology and click “Commit” to apply/publish the changes in the Physical topology to iLO server.





Product : iTest Lab Opt.