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How to set “IxOS location” property in iTest Ixia Traffic session profile?

  • iTest 4.2.1 or higher
  • IxOS Client application
  • “IxOS location” is a new session property added in the Ixia Traffic session profile and it is available from iTest 4.2.1 and later versions.
  • If the IxOS versions are properly installed and currently listed in the registry key, then IxOS Location combo box will list all the versions.
  • If none of the versions are displayed, then we need to create a environmental variable as IXIA_MULTI_VERSIONS and specify the value as path to the Tcl libraries in installation directory.

                                There are two IxOS versions installed on the computer:
                                C:\Program Files\Ixia\IxOS\6.10-EA-SP2
                                C:\Program Files\Ixia\IxOS\6.20-EA-SP1

                                Create the IXIA_MULTI_VERSIONS path variable and set it to:   
                                C:\Program Files\Ixia\IxOS\6.10-EA-SP2;C:\Program Files\Ixia\IxOS\6.20-EA-SP1

  •  After setting the environmental variable, it is suggested to restart the iTest application. If required, we need to restart the machine as well to make the variable visible in iTest

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