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How to Configure SVN Server on Windows and how to Checkout projects into iTest from SVN server?


Here are some steps to install and configure SVN server on Windows to work with iTest:

  1. Download the CollabNetSubversionEdge software from the below link and install it successfully.


  1. Once the installation is completed, you must login to the CollabNet Subversion Edge browser-based management console and configure the Apache server before it can be run for the first time.  The UI of the management console writes the needed Apache configuration files based on the information you provide.

The default administrator login details are:

Address: http://localhost:<port no>/csvn

Username: admin

Password: admin

  1. Once we login to the SVN server successfully, we need to create Repositories (the database for storing the files). 




  1. Click on Repositories tab on the Menu bar at the top to list the available repositories or click on Create button to create new repository as shown below.



Provide a valid repository name in the Name field and click on Create button.




Once the repository is created successfully, we need to create users. SVN provides the facility where different users can commit project to SVN    and checkout the project from SVN by using their credential


  1. Below are the Steps which describe how to create Users:

Click on Users tab present next to the Repositories tab  from the Menu bar.


Click on Create button and provide all the details which are required then click on Create to complete the user creation.



1. Steps to share iTest project or files into the SVN repository:

Follow below steps for adding a project into SVN repository.

Open  iTest and go to workspace

My project (Right Click) -> Team -> Share Project

Select SVN  from Share Project window  and provide URL (provide the path of the repository) – and then Select the Project Name which needs to be committed.

Provide the user name and password to access the  SVN repository.



  1. Right click on a project, select Team and Share Project...



b. Select SVN and click on Next.

c. In the Location , mention the valid Url path .

Url: http://<IPaddress of the system where SVN repository is located>/<path of the SVN repository>


d. Enter the project name which you want to share .


e. Enter the valid Username and Password .


After this Step, Team -> Commit

It will commit the project/test cases to SVN server.

  1. Right click on my project , select Team and Commit . It will successfully  commit the selected project into SVN.


2. Checkout can be done as follows:


    SVN -> Checkout project from SVN -> Select the repository -> select the project

Below are the steps which describe how to Checkout project from SVN.

  1. Click on SVN from iTest menu bar  and select Checkout projects from SVN.



  1. Select the repository location from where you want to checkout the project.


c. Select the folder to be checked out from SVN and click on Finish button