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LTE-CDMA Inter-RAT, how to deal with More Preferred System Reselection (MPSR) procedure?


UE treats More Preferred System Reselection (see FAQ13447 for MPSR concept) as below:

1. UE sees CDMA signal.
2. UE starts T_MPSR timer (T_MPSR is set to 2 minutes as per Verizon test plan).
3. After T_MPSR expires, UE checks current status.
    a) If UE is in Dormant status, go to Step #4.
    b) If UE is in Active status, it waits for Dormant status and then goes to Step #4.
4. UE searches for LTE signal.
    a) If there is no LTE signal, return to Step #2.
    b) If there is LTE signal available, UE reselects LTE.

LTE-CDMA Inter-RAT script treats More Preferred System Reselection as below:

1. System enables CDMA signal
2. UE sees CDMA signal
3. System receives "Session Open" CDMA message from UE
    a) If UE logs onto EVDO first, system receives EVDO Session negotiation
    b) If UE logs onto 1x first, system receives Power-up registration on CDMA 1x       
UE may start T_MPSR from step #2, but script has to start T_MPSR from step #3 (script doesn’t know when step #2 happens, because it’s only displayed on UE screen).
So script hardcode a buffer(15 seconds) in calculating MPSR timer:
As long as UE attatches LTE network after 105 seconds (MPSR - buffer), we declare a PASS.
We believe this 15 second buffer could compensate the gap between UE and system(above #2 and #3).

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