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Umetrix Voice: How do I Pair a Handset with Umetrix Voice via Bluetooth?


To configure a Umetrix Voice channel for use with Bluetooth, select the Channel Settings dialog for that channel and ensure that the Audio interface for this channel is set to Bluetooth.

Next, go to the Bluetooth Connection dialog for this channel. To pair a device:


  • Click the Start Pairing button. The corresponding LED will flash blue on the front of the hardware unit.
  • Set the mobile to search for Bluetooth devices. This procedure varies among devices, but the option is generally found under the Tools → Settings menu.
  • The mobile may detect multiple Umetrix Voice channels, but will only be pairable with the channel that is in pairing mode. Select the appropriate channel based on the Hardware Name field.
  • When prompted for the Bluetooth passkey, enter 0000.
  • When pairing is complete, the hardware will display a solid blue LED at the paired channel. The software will show the paired channel as CONNECTED.
  • Note: The connection process must be handled manually for some handsets. If the blue light does not appear on the Nomad hardware unit and the software does not show the CONNECTED state, the phone must be connected manually. This is typically accomplished through the phone’s Bluetooth menu system.

Note that if a device has previously been paired with this channel, the above procedure may be bypassed by selecting the Connect To Last Hardware option. Selecting this option will automatically connect the channel to the last device to which it was paired.

The CLI area at the bottom of the Bluetooth Connection screen displays Bluetooth log messages. The command line below the message viewer is used for advanced diagnostic purposes only. Please use this area only if directed by a Spirent representative.

Product : Umetrix Voice