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Nomad: How Can Multi-RAB Performance be Tested With Nomad?


An e-mail campaign may be launched during a Voice Quality or Call Performance task to test Multi-RAB performance. An e-mail campaign tests whether e-mail sent to a phone during a call disrupts performance as compared to phones not receiving e-mail.

Before configuring the test channels, browse to the Settings → Email Campaigns tab:

  • Check the Override default email content box to specify the content of the body of the emails to be sent to the phone during an email campaign. If this box is left unchecked, Nomad will automatically generate the content for the messages sent in the email campaign.

When configuring the Multi-RAB test channel, select the Email Campaigns tab for that channel:

  • If an email campaign is desired during testing, select the Initiate email campaign when logging starts option.
  • Enter an email address accessible on the test mobile in the Recipient email address (To:) field.
  • Enter the # of emails to send to the mobile.
  • Enter the Interval between emails in seconds.
  • If desired, Generate Test Email to be sent to the mobile device.

Note: In the event that Nomad becomes inaccessible during an Email Campaign (i.e. due to PC crash, etc.), it is possible to stop email messages from being sent to the handset(s). Simply reply to any message generated by the Email Campaign to stop unwanted messages from being sent to the phone.



Product : Umetrix Voice,Nomad