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Umetrix Voice: Channels Exhibit Different Numbers of Calls During Call Performance Testing


If you are expecting two Call Performance channels to exhibit the same number of calls during the test but the channels actually exhibit different numbers of calls during the test, it is likely that the incorrect Call Initiation Mode was selected for the test:

  • Set the Call Initiation Mode from the Call Campaign dialog on the Test Setup screen for a Call Performance test.
  • The Call Initiation Mode is applicable only when the same Call Performance Task is applied to multiple channels during a test.  This option does not apply to a Mobile-to-Mobile Call Performance task.
  • Call Initiation Mode options:
    • Synchronous Testing – Calls start simultaneously on all devices regardless of call outcomes.  For example, if one device drops a call, it will remain idle until the next time all mobiles are scheduled to start a new call.  Note that Synchronous Testing may not be maintained for Mobile Terminated call campaigns.
    • Asynchronous Testing – Each device follows its own call sequence without regard to other device progress.  In this mode, if one device drops a call, it will wait for the specified time and then start a new call, even as the other devices continue their first call.
  • In general, the same number of calls is expected for different devices running in Synchronous Testing mode.  It is more likely that the number of calls would be different for devices running in Asynchronous Testing mode, as a mobile that drops a lot will make a lot more calls than a mobile with better call retention.


Product : Umetrix Voice