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Spirent TestCenter: Why does my DX module sometimes not work with Spirent TestCenter in my 9U chassis?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • Module: DX-10G-S32
    • Capture
    • 9U Controller (CTL-9002A)
      • Backplane 1



The 9U chassis was released before the DX module.  Because of this, the early version 1 of the 9U chassis backplane does not provide enough power to the DX-10G-S32 module for it to operate reliably (e.g., capture doesn't work).  It might appear to work now and then, but this is not a recommended or supported configuration.

To verify what backplane version you have:

  • connect to your chassis with Spirent TestCenter software
  • go to ‘Tools/Equipment Information.’ 
  • Scroll to the right for the column with the backplane version information.
  • If you do not have a verison 2 backplane in your 9U chassis and you need to use a DX module,
    Then contact support to arrange for your chassis backplane to be upgraded.

To contact support:

  1. Submit a Service Request using our support website at 
  2. Email your request to:
  3. Call 1-800-SPIRENT (1-800-774-7368) or 1-818-676-2616

Product : DX,Spirent TestCenter