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Spirent Testcenter: Why does launching Results Reporter gets error "The Results Reporter Server could not be started on the requested port (50000)."

  • 4.20
  • Something seems to be blocking the Results Reporter service from starting on the PC.
  • If running RFC test the message will pop up after each iteration.
  • When Results Reporter launches it gives below error. It is possible for some reason either local PC firewall or security check is blocking default port 50000 that is being used by RR Update Server from updating the results. This issue is under investigation CR#381033336.


Workaround is try changing default port from 50000 to 50100 under Options, then it should work.


  • Another work around found, since the error seemed Java related, was to install the JRE interpreter from the Oracle Web Site.
  • Results Reporter should now open up automatically with no errors.


Product : Windows GUI,Results Reporter