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Spirent Customer Service Center: How can I check the support contract (ASA) expiry date of my Spirent products?

  • CSC 'My Products' area
  1. Log in to the CSC support website
        - Please refer to article FAQ11164 for more information about logging in and user accounts
  2. Click the "Downloads" tab.
        - This reveals additional links along the left-hand side
  3. Click the "My Products" link
  4. Browse the list for the product you're interested in
        - The full list of products is divided into pages of 10 items per page
        - Use the arrows just above the product listing to switch pages
  5. Click on the required product
  6. Information about its ASA history is provided under the "Entitlements" area. 
  7. Locate the most recent entitlement
  8. The 'End Date' is when the ASA ends
        - NOTE : Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY format.



  • Your contact details are linked to an account on the Spirent database.
  • That account contains an associated list of products (assets)
  • Those products are displayed in the "My Products" area
  • If the product list does not include the serial number for equipment you normally use
        - Please contact Spirent Global Services using "Submit a Service Request" on the right of the Knowledge Base screen
        - Please specify the equipment model number and serial number that is missing

Product : Hardware