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Datum: Does Datum Support IPv6?


These Datum platforms currently provide support for IPv6:

  • Datum PC
  • Datum Android

 Support for IPv6 is coming for these Datum platforms (as of April 2013):

  • DM iOS
  • DM Windows Phone

For each platform, IPv6 support applies to all tasks except the Web Browser task. 

The Datum Base Test-Set Creator and Datum PC Test-Set Editor now include a Protocol field for each Task type that supports IPv6.  The options for this field are:

  • IPv4 – The task utilizes IPv4 only
  • IPv6 – The task utilizes IPv6 only
  • IPv6 Preferred – The task utilizes IPv6 if available, IPv4 otherwise

In addition to Datum Base and the Datum Mobile applications, each Datum Media Server must be upgraded to support IPv6.  If you require IPv6 please contact Spirent Service Experience Support Services so that we can prioritize your Media Server Upgrade.

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