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Abacus: How can I connect from a TCI3 Rear card (with a 68-contact SCSI connector) to a RJ48 connector?


User has PCG cards with a TCI rear card. The rear card has a 68 pin SCSI connector.  However, he / she needs to connect to external circuit using a RJ 48 connector.


You need to get a breakout panel to do the job.  This breakout panel should be able to connect to the 68-contact connector and provides at least 28 RJ48 connector jacks for external connection.  You may order the Telco Dist. Panel (P/N 90-01632) with a breakout cable (P/N CBL-3008) from Spirent.  Alternatively, you may get similar device from hardware networking vendor outside.

Product : Abacus,T1/E1(TDM)