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Spirent TestCenter: How do I capture with intent to analyze generated traffic?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Capture features
  • TestCenter captures only Transmit - Control plane traffic.
  • Capture Source 
    • Tx Mode (only capture transmit frames [control plane traffic only] from the port)
    • Rx Mode (capture control and data plane traffic received on the port)
    • Tx/Rx Mode (capture both transmit frames [control plane traffic only] and receive frames [control and data plane traffic])
  • If you wish to make a capture of the Data plane you will Transmit you can put the port in diagnostic loopback and capture the Receive Control and Data plane traffic.
  • For help in the Capture Window of the GUI, select F1 (i.e., help). Hitting it will directly open Help on this Topic.
  • Enhancement Requests:
    • CR: 2219385277 – new CR - enhancement to have global view for captures on all ports to easily see which ports has captured frames instead of going to each port one by one
    • CR: 191753576 – declined CR – to show captured frame counts while capture is still running.
    • CR: 163321121 – declined CR – making changes in capture view is not applied automatically when starting capture. Customer wants a warning or have it apply automatically.

Product : Spirent TestCenter