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In iTest, how to Find/Search and Replace a text in testcase steps?



In iTest, in order to Find/Search and Replace a specific text in the testcase steps in the Action, Session, or Description cells  select Edit -> Find/Replace from the iTest menu bar or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F.

 Specify which columns to include or exclude from the find process.

 The find/replace process finds text in any line of multi-line commands. For multi-line  commands, the Command dialog box opens during the find/replace process, and the process  will not continue until the dialog box is closed. Replace All does not require that that dialog box opens.

 Find and Replace of text can be done at a single instance instead of doing it manually  for every occurance.

The replace functionality is undo-able.

We can also get more information on iTest Help about Find/Replace option.



Product : iTest Enterprise