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GNSS Positioning Simulator: What is the 1PPS signal rise time ?

  • GSS8000
  • GSS6700
  • GSS6300
  • GSS6300M
  • Measurement of the 1PPS signal rise time.
  • This is not a specified parameter within our product specification and not one that we usually measure. 
  • For a GSS8000 type simulator this will typically average 1ns for the 10%-90% points (see Figure 1 for an example measurement).
  • For a GSS6300/6700 type simulators this will typically average about 5ns for the 10%-90% points (see Figure 2 for an example measurement).
  • Note that this rise time can vary a little with load (e.g. cable length, termination impedance) but this will typically be a very small effect.

                                                    Figure 1: GSS8000 1PPS Rise time measurement

                                                  Figure 2: GSS6700/GSS6300 1PPS Rise time measurement


Product : GSS6300,GSS6700,GSS8000,GSS6300M