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Avalanche: Project spf import error "Downgrade to earlier version of commander not permitted"

  • Pop up error upon import " Downgrade to earlier version of commander not permitted "
  • One root cause can be Exporting SPF Project / Configuration file from a later version (newest or latest one) of Avalanche Commander (i.e. project is from AVC v4.98, trying to import into AVC v4.73)
  • One root cause can be Using Multiple versions of avalanche and switching between them, One thing might happen is that variables between versions might stay in memory from older/newer versions and when changing configurations or saving projects they are shown and saved as the incorrect version. (See below for answeer on scenario when using multiple versions)

Scenario when importing a SPF Project from a more recent version

  • Avalanche Commander does not support importing projects into an earlier release. (This is saving a project in a more recent version and try to import into an older version)
  • Use the same Avalanche Commander version used to export the spf (or a higher version is also supported) 
  • To run a later test in an earlier release you will need to manually re-create a new test with the same configuration settings in the older version as needed.

Scenario when using multiple versions of Avalanche Commander

In some scenarios when using MULTIPLE VERSIONS of Avalanche Commander, You might need to export a project from older version to a more recent one or viceversa, For this you should be aware of closing the Avalanche Commander properly (plus killing all java.exe / javaw.exe processes BEFORE OPENING ANOTHER VERSION of Avalanche Commander). Or you might experience some weird behaviors as some variables stay on memory and this can affect paths, versioning, project saving locations or UI rendering issues between versions. 

For example you are working on AVC v4.91, but then close AVC v4.91 and NOT KILL THE JAVA RTE (java.exe / javaw.exe), then open AVC v4.88, once in version v4.88 you try to export any project and save it to local computer, then this project saved into apparent v4.88; After this you decide to move/save this same SPF project into a different computer and tried to be imported into same version AVC v4.88 but you get this error message, when you go to project folder (Default is:
C:\Users\Windows_Username\AppData\Roaming\Avalanche) and search for project folder, then subfolder tests and open the project/test xml file you will find that version does not match, this was because some variables remained in memory and when saved the project those variables were used to create the SPF Project.

To validate the correct version (newest one) your test needs to reach, you can make sure to close all avalanche commander windows, kill Java RTE processes and then open the destination version. Then from this version, create a new project from scratch and go to the same folder where this project was saved and verify the test / project xml file to find the destination version number. Now with this information you will know which should be the destination version that your imported test should reach once imported properly.

Product : Avalanche