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Positioning Application: Can a GSS6700 generate scenarios for GSS6560, and vice versa?

  • PosApp (SimGEN / SimREPLAYplus / SimGEN)
  • GSS6560
  • GSS6700

The basic answer is "Yes". But the following things need to be considered:-

  1. A GSS6700 can work with all PosApp modes but a GSS6560 is only used with SimGEN mode
        - SimGEN can load 'SimGEN' (.scn) and 'Replay' (.scn_replay) scenarios
        - SimREPLAYplus and SimREPLAY can only load .scn_replay scenarios
        - SimGEN can be used to save scenarios in both .scn and .scn_replay formats
        - A SimREPLAYplus can only be used to save scenarios in the .scn_replay format
        - You need SimGEN v2-83 or later to create .scn_replay scenarios
  2. It really only makes practical sense to use SimGEN to create scenarios
        - SimGEN has full scenario development capability
        - It is not practical to use SimREPLAYplus to make .scn_replay scenarios for a SimGEN system
  3. You can only create scenarios with signals types that match the simulator signal capability
        - The GSS6700 can support GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / QZSS / BeiDou
        - The GSS6560 is GPS only
        - For example, a GSS6560 can't be used to create a GPS+GLO scenario
  4. Scenarios from very different software versions may be incompatible
        - Systems that share scenarios should be kept at the same software version (and firmware and FPGA where possible)
        - Scenarios created with a new system configuration may not run with an old configuration
        - Scenarios created with an old configuration should always work with a new configuration  

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,SimGEN,PosApp,GSS6560,GSS6700