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Positioning Application: Can user actions / remote command files with .act / .ucd file extensions be used instead of .cmd file types, and vice versa?

  • PosApp (SimGEN) v2.80 or earlier

        compared with
  • PosApp (SimGEN / SimREPLAYplus / SimREPLAY) v2-81 or later

The simple answer is "Yes".

  • The file content format has not changed
  • File extensions were changed from SimGEN v2-81 to improve scenario sharing via email
    • The ".cmd" extension causes firewall filters to strip such files
  • .act replaced .cmd for User Actions files
    • From SimGEN v2.81 file selection automatically recognises both types
    • Before SimGEN v2.81 simply change ".act" to ".cmd" before selecting it in the scenario
  • .ucd replaced .cmd for remote data files (menu [Options-->Remote Command Settings]).
    • SimGEN uses a normal Windows 'browse' control to select files
    • Change the file type filter to select files with an extension that do not match the automatic default


  • Using an .act file with an old software version 'might' involve incompatible commands
    • Even though file format has not changed new software versions will introduce new features
    • Earlier software versions will not recognise new commands
  • Do not confuse .ucd files that are selected via menu [Options-->Remote Command Settings] with 'User Commands" files in the scenaro tree
    • Please refer to the user manual, DGP00686AAA, for more information

Product : SimGEN,PosApp