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REACT Admin: How do I use the new 6700/3500 equipment configuration routines? (These replaced the old menu driven routines from REACT 2000).


REACT version 4.200 and above


In React 4.200 new routines were added to the resource server (Test Set) windows that provide the same functionality for viewing,saving, and restoring saved equipment configurations.  See the release notes for REACT 4.200 for more information.

To use the new routines:

1) Log into administrations routines

2) Select "Utilities" -> "Display Test Resources" -> "Test Set"

3) Search for the test set that needs it's configurations viewed, saved, or restored. 

4) Highlight the test set and click on the "Configuration" button.

The new routines were modeled after the old , so if you are familiar with the old routines, the new ones will be easy enough to figure out.


Note that configuration support applies to certain Spirent test sets only, including:

• 3219a (3500)

• 3577A




• IPMax