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iTest: How to connect to Winscp server through iTest.


  • iTest SSH session profile
  • Windows Powershell
  • WinSSHD personal edition software.

We can connect to WinSCP server by using Windows Powershell terminal.  But we can open Powershell in iTest through telnet/ssh, by connecting to the local host and bypassing the console utilities virtual console. Not all telnet/ssh server works here except WinSSHD. You can download and install the WinSSHD personal edition that's free.


 And follow the below process:

  1. Start WinSSHD in the local machine
  2. In iTest launch the "ssh" session to localhost, and at the ssh session, you can open the utilities like "Powershell".
  3. Through powershell terminal open winscp and execute the commands.


Attached is the testcase for reference.


Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest