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SimCHAN: How do I change the default settings?

  • SimCHAN V3.00 onwards
  • SimCHAN allows only certain default parameters to be changed. They are:
    • The Hardware configuration
    • Multi Channel or Single Channel capability
    • No Hardware or Hardware mode (Dummy Run)
    • These settings can be changed via the main tool Bar in the SimCHAN GUI in version 3.02 onwards. Earlier version did not always record the changes.
  1. If using a Version of SimCHAN prior to V 3.02 then you will be required to open the file in the SimCHAN directory called 'Spirent_posapp_user_settings.json'
  2. Edit the relevant fields. Below is an example where:
    • The hardware Config is set to 'default'
    • SimCHAN is in Multi Channel Mode
    • SimCHAN is set in no hardware mode

        "last user id": "dlewis"
        "created": "true",
        "h/w config": "Default",
        "6x00_aux_op": "GPSL1",
        "running flag": "false",
        "multichan_mode": "true",
        "dummy run": "true"


3.To change the hardware config simply rename 'default' to the name of the configuration you want to use when opening SimCHAN

4. To change the multi channel and dummy run to be 'off' change the value from 'true' to 'false'



  • Scenario settings (such as vehicle position, date etc) can not be changed by default. However you can save the settings and load them into SimCHAN each time it is run by doing the following:
  1. Alter the relevant settings
  2. Click [file --> Save as] this will create a 'SimCHAN Settings' file
  3. Next time SimCHAN is opened click [file --> open] and select the file created above. This will populate SimCHAN with the settings previously saved


Product : SimCHAN