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TestCenter and Avalanche: How to to do an OS reimage of a C1 (4.30 or higher version)


To upgrade Spirent TestCenter and Avalanche to 4.30 or higher on the C1, an OS reimage upgrade must be completed first. The same image is used for STC and Avalanche.
To downgrade from 4.30, need contact Spirent support to get downgrade ISO image.
Hardware: C1
Software: 4.30 or higher


You will need the following additional equipment to perform the re-imaging:
• Windows or Linux PC with one free USB 2.0 or 3.0 port
• Video display monitor with VGA or DVI-I cable
• USB keyboard to attach to the SPT-C1
• USB 2.0 flash device with at least 4GB of free space

Creating an USB Boot Drive
Download the C1 4.30 OS image from the Spirent CSC site and use a utility such as USB Image Tool to copy the image to the USB flash device.

Re-Imaging Procedure
The re-imaging procedure requires three main steps:
1).Save the license file for later use
2).Reboot the C1 from USB flash to perform the re-imaging
3).Re-configure the IP address and restore the license file

1).Save the License File
Save the license file currently stored on the SPT-C1. This file will be restored once the
appliance has been updated. Following these instructions to save the license:
1.Connect to the appliance using the Spirent TestCenter application
2.Access the licensing screen (tools->licensing)
3.Upload the license and save to the PC in a temporary location

2).Re-Image the SPT-C1
Reimage the appliance using the USB flash device:
1.Power down the appliance
2.Connect the USB keyboard, monitor, and USB flash device to the connectors on the
3.Power on the appliance and press the F10 key to enter the boot menu.
4.Select the flash device as the boot source. The actual name of the flash device shown
in the boot menu depends on the particular device being used.
5.Allow the appliance to be imaged. This will take several minutes.
6.When completed, shut down the appliance using the “halt” command.
7.Remove the USB flash device.

3).Configure the IP Address Information and Restore the License
1.Power up the appliance and log into the admin account (admin / spt_admin)
2.Configure the address information as required. Please refer to the Spirent C1 Quick
Reference Guide
3.Connect to the appliance using the Spirent TestCenter Application
4.Go to the licensing screen (tools->licensing) and download the license you saved
5.Upgrade the FW to the desired release which may be any version 4.30 or greater.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Avalanche