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SimCHAN: GSS6300M: Can the GSS6300M be used for AWGN and GPS Time Assistance Tests?

  • SimCHAN v3-00 onwards
  • GSS6300M
  • AGPS Testing that requires specific conditions for
    • Power level settings
    • DOP criteria
    • AWGN considerations
    • GPS Time Assistance


  • The power level sliders in the SimCHAN GUI set the power for all satellites of the same type.
    • This means you can’t set different power levels on different satellites of the same type.
  • Instead use remote command = POW_LEV, explained in the software user manual, DGP01251AAA

DOP (Start Time / Vehicle Position / Satellite Constellation)

  • To achieve the HDOP requirements the satellite constellation, vehicle position and scenario start time must be carefully chosen.
  • The vehicle position and start time can be set in the SimCHAN GUI
  • The constellation can be loaded via a Yuma file
  • However, SimCHAN does not offer any data output to allow you to see the resulting HDOP that is being achieved.
    • The user would have to determine some other method, of their own devise, to work out how the chosen configuration affects the HDOP
    • A GSS6300M Special Scenario could be requested to assist in achieving the correct DOP


  • If AWGN simply requires consideration of background noise level, this is dominated by thermal noise and is replicated by the simulator RF output (see article FAQ10518)
  • Additional interference effects, perhaps like multipath and/or obscurations are not directly supported with SimCHAN
    • A GSS6300M Special Scenario could be requested to assist in creating a scenario with multipath or obscuration effects


  • “GPS time assistance accuracy” requires assistance data from a third-party source
  • The GSS6300M and SimCHAN are not capable of providing this test parameter directly.

Product : SimCHAN,Positioning,GSS6300M