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iTest: How to save iTestCLI execution logs when testcases are executed from HPQC ?

  • iTest
  • HP Quality Center (HPQC)
  • As we know for each test case execution from HPQC, it opens command prompt window to execute the iTestCLI command and this window gets closed after the execution is completed
  • For any debugging purpose we may need this execution log for analysis. So, to save this log information in to a file, please follow the below steps,
    • Locate the itestcli.bat file under iTest installation directory
    • Open the bat file in a notepad
    • For third line, add ">>" symbol followed by path to text file where the logs needs to stored
    • Save the file and run the test case from HPQC


"%ITEST_HOME%jre\bin\java" -classpath "%ITEST_HOME%itestcli.jar;%ITEST_HOME%commons-cli-1.1.jar;%ITEST_HOME%xmlwriter-2.2.jar" com.fnfr.svt.cli.ITestCli %* >> D:\output.txt

Note: After this itestcli.bat file is modified following the above settings, if we run the test case outside the HPQC from the command prompt window, the execution information will not be displayed in the window, instead it will get stored in the file specified.




Product : iTest Enterprise