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Tech-X Flex: How do I update the firmware on my Tech-X Flex unit ?

  • Tech-X Flex Base Module
  • All Tech-X versions including the Next Gen (NG)
  • If Wizard is present and you want to use the Wizard, from main screen select (Tool Box) then (Admin) then (Upgrade Firmware) and follow the wizard to step you through the entire process. Other wise Use Using Classic GUI instructions below.
Using Classic GUI 
  • Select Classic Menu if you are on not on the System Menu 
  • Connect Ethernet cord from any flex port to router LAN port
  • From System Menu Select (Admin port)
  • Select  (10/100/1G Admin port) for Ethernet port module on flex unit.
  • Select Type =DHCP from drop down and select (Start)
The flex will go through connecting to the internet and check for updates
  • Select (OK) after it is done
You will now have an IP address screen showing an IP  address was obtained.
Select (F1) or Firmware update button
  • Fill out the page information accordingly.
  • Page 1
Firmware : latest     Note "
This could also be a word designated for your company or it can be a specific release number specified to upgrade or downgrade to a specific release"
Update License Only : No
  • Page 2
Ping Before Download : Yes
Timeout : 15

Select (Start)
  •  The following results should be indicated while the downloading is in progress.
Server Name Lookup : Success
Pinging Download Server : Success
Download License File : Success
File/License Synchronization : Success
  • After a successful download , the unit will report " System Upgrade Completed" Press (OK)to shut down the unit.
  • Power up the unit, by selecting the power on button.
  • Check the current version.
Select Classic menu if you are not at the system Menu
Select option 4 version info

The new version loaded should be reported under the column Base Unit Next to Firmware. 

NOTE : It is important to have access to the internet and not be on a corporate network that may have firewalls that block ports needed to transport the upgrade files.

Product : Tech-X Legacy,Tech-X NG